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Track your win rate on the Quotes tab

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When you send a quote through, the system logs your quotes on the Quotes tab. Here you can:

  • View a list of all your current and past quotes

  • Filter your view by user, customer, lane, broker, or date range

  • View win/loss statistics that update automatically

Tracking your quotes on the Quotes tab can show you which quoting strategies are working, and which team members are winning the most quotes.

Using the Quotes Tab


You can filter Quotes using the fields along the top of the page. This lets you view quotes for a particular lane, for a particular customer, and/or from a particular broker:

Tracking Quote Numbers

The graphs at the top of the Quotes page show recent quotes sorted by status. The Month over Month chart compares your numbers to those from the previous month. The Last 30 Days chart shows your quote numbers by status over the past 30 days:

Hover your mouse over the graphs for details:

Quote Status

When you send a quote, it will appear as Sent on the Quotes tab. When customer accepts or rejects a quote using the links included in the quote email, its will automatically be updated to Won or Lost. If the expiration date passes with no response, the quote will be set to Expired.

If the customer responds, but not through the email links, you can edit the quote status by clicking the three-dot menu in line with the quote:

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