Users can be managers, workers, or both, according to the account role that has been given to them by another manager


Go to Settings -> Account Roles

A checkmark appears under the role(s) the user has been given


Managers are higher-level users who have full access to your GSMtasks account. They have admin rights and can see, edit and delete pretty much everything from tasks to users, etc.

Note: There can be multiple managers on your account


Workers are lower-level users who have limited access to your GSMtasks account. They can see tasks assigned to them, but can't delete or change them. 

They can edit their personal information in the Account Roles view, but can't change their user rights or delete users (including themselves).


Users are automatically activated after a manager has created them

You can see a checkmark under Active in Account Roles view on your settings screen

Users can't be deactivated, but you can delete or edit their account from your settings screen

Note: Only managers can delete users and edit user rights (give them manager or worker rights)

After removing the manager and user rights from a user, they cannot log in to their account

Note: The user will still remain active on your account even after the rights have been removed, so this will not affect your billing plan

To remove a user from your billing plan, you have to delete them

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