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If you have decided to import tasks from an Excel file, you can also easily optimize your routes


1. First, import your tasks from an Excel file like you would normally do

2. To create optimized routes, click on Optimize

3. Choose the Optimization objective from the drop-down menu

  • Vehicles  - to use as few drivers/vehicles as possible for completion
  • Transportation time - for the shortest mileage
  • Completion time - for the quickest route (shortest driving time)

4. Now, choose the drivers (assignees) you wish to send the tasks to

As you can see in our example tasks, we have already provided the assignee for the tasks (their e-mail address)

This way, there is no need to choose assignees while optimizing tasks - the system will automatically assign tasks to the right driver

If you haven't provided an assignee for the tasks yet, you can choose them from the list by holding down Ctrl and right-clicking on their email address

5. Choose the start time for your tasks

This is used when you wish to plan routes for the future (e.g the next day)

If you wish to start the tasks immediately, just leave the field black

6. Add a start address

Leaving this field blank will automatically create routes starting from the driver's last coordinate

7. Add an end address

Leaving this field blank will automatically create routes that will end in the starting point

To complete the optimization process, click on Confirm and import

8. Return to the dashboard to see your optimized routes and tasks

Hope you found everything you needed!
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