You are using Slack to gather product feedback from teammates or customers?

With our Slack integration, you can easily push all this feedback and product discussions directly to your Harvestr Inbox to fuel your roadmap with the voice of your customers. 

How does the integration work? 

  • you can let teammates submit feedback to Harvestr with a form that can be open in Slack with the command /harvestr
  • you can push existing messages to Harvestr as new feedback with the Slack Message actions


In order to set up the Slack-Harvestr integration, you need:

  • a Slack account. According to your Slack workspace set up, you might need to get permission from your workspace owner to install the Harvestr app. See more information about Slack Apps management here 
  • a Harvestr account

How to integrate Harvestr to your Slack workspace

1. Connect your Slack workspace

To connect Slack to Harvestr, all you need to do is to go to your integrations settings in Harvestr, select Slack and click on the "Connect to Slack" link.

This will pop up the Slack oauth window and you simply need to connect your Slack account. You will then see what rights you are granting us.

2. Sending Slack conversations to Harvestr  

Now that Harvestr is connected to your Slack workspace, you have two ways to push feedback from Slack to Harvestr.

Collect feedback in Slack using the Harvestr form

With this integration, you will be able to collect structured product feedback from Slack using the Harvestr feedback form. 

To submit feedback from Slack, you and your team simply need to enter the command /harvestr in Slack and it will automatically open the Harvestr feedback form.

The Slack user who opened the form will then be able to enter:

  • a title (optional)
  • the customer or collaborator who originally gave this feedback (the Slack user who is submitting the feedback if left empty)
  • the content of the feedback itself

The feedback will then be pushed directly to your Harvestr inbox and can be linked to a Discovery along with the customer and teammate who submitted the feedback from Slack.

You will also get a confirmation in Slack that the feedback has been sent and your whole team will be able to view the feedback in Slack.

Push existing Slack messages to Harvestr as new feedback

If you see some valuable feedback in an existing Slack message, you can also push it to Harvestr using the Slack message actions.

To open the message actions, you just need to hover the message you want to push to Harvestr and you will see the message actions container appear on the very right of the Slack message. Click on "More actions" and finally on "Send to Harvestr".

The feedback form will open with the feedback content being automatically filled with the Slack message. You will be able to add a customer and title if needed and to push the feedback to your Harvestr inbox.

4. Processing Slack messages in Harvestr

In Harvestr, you will get all these messages in your inbox, along with all the other tools you have connected to centralize customer feedback.

For each Slack message that gets sent to Harvestr, we import the content of the message and the title and customer if any. We also attach the user who submitted the feedback in Slack. 

You also have a button with the Slack logo at the top of the message with the link of the message in Slack. This allows you to jump quickly to Slack if you need to get more context.

Then, thanks to our homemade selector, you can capture product insights from these Slack messages and link them to other insights and features you are working on in Harvestr.

Thanks to Harvestr, I can quickly turn customer feedback from Slack messages into prioritized features that will actually be developed to make my customers happier!

If you have requests or ideas about how we could improve our Slack integration to better fit your workflow, shoot us a message!

To centralize all your product feedback, you can also have a look at our Email, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Intercom and Zapier integrations.  

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