Keep coworkers up-to-date on the status of your tasks by linking GitHub and GitLab branches, pull/merge requests, and commits directly to tasks.

Once you link a task:

💡Tip: Use "Closes T-ID" to mark a task as "Done" when the pull/merge request is merged.

How to link a branch to a Height task

Any branch name that includes a Height task ID will link the branch with the task. For example: michael/T-1-my-first-feature will be tracked automatically in Height.

For your convenience, you can right click on a task to copy the branch name of a Height task. This branch name format is also customizable.

How to link a pull/merge request to a Height task

Mention the task ID (i.e. T-1) in the pull/merge request title to link it to the task.

💡Tip: To link a task from a pull/merge request description or comment, use the keyword link (or links) with the unique task ID.
For example: Links T-123

How to link a commit to a Height task

Mention the unique task ID (i.e. T-1) in the commit message/name to link it to the task.

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