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What is a Best Business page and how can my company get listed?
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What are the best business pages?

Best business pages are created for sub-categories within an industry. These pages contain curated content, and the top ten businesses within the respective sub-category.

While the curated content aims to provide reviewers with more insight and information about a topic, it also has significant SEO value. SEO value helps businesses feature more prominently in Google, and boosts the presence of the businesses listed on this page.

How can a business get listed on these pages?

In order for a business to get listed on one of our best business pages, the following must be true:

  • The business profile is claimed

  • The business is on a paid Plan

  • The business has a TrustIndex score from the previous month

  • The business received more than five reviews in the previous month

  • The business is ranked in the top 10 of their respective sub-category

Why can only paying businesses be on this list?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Paying businesses are verified businesses. This means that we can guarantee that the businesses on our list are legitimate and we don’t risk displaying fraudulent businesses.

  2. The curated content on this page offers great SEO value, which is why this is a premium feature only available to our paying business subscribers.

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