At Hely there are no extra costs besides the hourly rate and optional package costs, depending on the package you chose. However, in some cases we give surcharges. With this we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy a clean and safe vehicle for as long as possible.

Although we'd rather not, in the following situation we might invoice surcharges:

  • Administrative costs fine (Traffic tickets/violations): € 15,00
  • Administrative costs for (other) administrative operations: € 7,50
  • Leaving the car filthy: € 25,-
  • Leaving the car filthy and professional cleaning needed: € 100,-
  • Smoking charge: € 100,-
  • Returning the car too late after reservation: surcharge of 1.5x the usage rate
  • Not locking the vehicle after ride: € 25,-
  • Causing an empty battery (e.g. by leaving the lights / power on): € 50,-
  • Returned car with tank less than 1/3 full or not connected to charging dock: € 25,-
  • Lost charing / fuel card: € 25,-
  • Towing costs in case of incorrect parking in line with invoice third party plus possible parking ticket, towing costs (€ 150,-) for moving the car by Hely.*
  • Letting another person drive in the car (Please note: This is explicitly prohibited due to insurance): € 250,-
  • Losing car key: € 100,-
  • Service ride (e.g. picking up wrongly parked vehicle) to the vehicle due to by user's mistake: € 100,-
  • Transporting dangerous substances: € 100,-
  • Driving under the influence: € 100,-
  • Fraud with fuel or charging card: € 100,- + fuel/charging costs
  • Taking the car abroad: € 250,-
  • Driving Hely vehicle without valid driving license € 250,-
  • Sharing an account, password with third party/parties: € 500,-

At Hely you're well insured, and besides that we also handle a deductible. The deductible is applicable when you, for example, caused considerable damage to a vehicle, or when a vehicle got stolen due to the users neglect. The price to restore this will be billed to your account until the maximum deductible has been reached. If the costs for recovery are more than this maximum, the insurance will cover the rest. What your maximum deductible is, depends on the package you chose:

  • Hely GO: €500 maximum deductible
  • Hely FLOW: €250 maximum deductible
  • Hely FLEX: €500 maximum deductible
  • Hely MAX: €500 maximum deductible

By participating at Hely you also agree with the terms and conditions of MyWheels in terms of the car use.

* Is it not possible to return the car to it's designated parking spot? Then call Hely customer support.

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