Nobody wants an empty battery during a ride. Luckily there are plenty of thigns you can do to ensure your battery lasts the whole ride! Check out our tips below:

TIP 1: Know your power hogs
Heavy wind, rain and similar weather conditions have influence on the driving range. Also things like heating, airconditioning and lights use a lot of energy. Do you have a long ride ahead and is the weather not ideal? Then make sure to charge the e-car at a charging station during your appointment, so you'll have enough driving range for your way back.

TIP 2: Put the e-car in Eco-mode
Thee e-car has an Eco-mode, which reduces the climate control and bhp of the car to save energy. With a Nissan Leaf you can activate this mode by pressing the 'Eco' button on the center console. With a Volkswagen E-Golf you press 'Mode' on the center console and select 'Eco' or 'Eco+' on the screen.

TIP 3: Charge while driving
By activating the recuperation mode of the e-car, you can easily save lots of energy. With this, the e-car charges itself every time you let go of the gas. With a Nissan Leaf, you activate the recuperation by activating Pro-Pilot and/or E-Pedal at the center console. With the Volkswagen E-Golf you activate recuperation by putting the car in D (drive) mode and then pushing the stick to the left.

TIP 4: Maintain an easy, constant speed
The faster you drive, the more energy the e-car uses. So don't drive too fast and choose, if possible, the shortest route instead of the fastest. Besides that, increasing speed and braking also use a lot of energy. So try to maintain a constant speed.

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