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[HEYBIT] FF Investment Supporting Event
[HEYBIT] FF Investment Supporting Event
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This is Digital Asset Roboadvisor HEYBIT.

HEYBIT is trying to overcome difficult times with customers who have shown unwavering trust and support to HEYBIT together. In anticipation of possible bull market in the future, we are launching events that can help you make long-term FF investments.

Please follow the details below.

1. USDT Airdrop Event Supporting Long-term Investment

  • We will airdrop 1% of your FF principal amount in USDT as follows.

    • Deposit more than 1,000 USDT and Activate bot before the snapshot
      (00:00, 28th February 2022 (SGT)).

    • Keep investing until 00:00, 26th August 2022 (SGT).

    • USDT will be airdropped by 31st August 2022.

  • Notice:

    • The amount deposited after the snapshot will not be reflected.

    • If you terminate contract before 26th August 2022, the airdrop will not be provided.**

2. Additional Performance Fee Discount

  • We discount 5% of performance fee for all users who have active bots as of 28th February 2022.

  • Notice

    • Customers with any existing performance fee discount

      • Additional 5%p fee discount will be applied.

      • The extension also applies to the “next” fee charging date.

    • Customers without any existing performance fee discount

      • 5%p fee discount will be newly applied

      • The extension also applies to the next fee charging date.


This has been HEYBIT’s philosophy and we would like to show support back to all of you who have shown support for us.

We will do our best to continue positive investment experience with us.

Thank you.

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