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[HEYBIT] 1Q24 Digital Asset Due Diligence Completed
[HEYBIT] Announcement of the upcoming expiration of points in holding
[HEYBIT] Notes on USDC Withdrawal
[HEYBIT] Suspension of deposits and withdrawals of digital assets using ETH and Ethereum network due to Ethereum Dencun Upgrade (03/13 20:00 SGT ~)
[HEYBIT] Luna New Year Holiday Announcement for 2024
[HEYBIT] "Beta" strategy for diversifying your financial portfolio released!
[HEYBIT] 4Q23 Digital Asset Due Diligence Completed
[HEYBIT] 2024 New Year's Day Notice
Alpha Upgrade: Hop on Positive Volatility
[HEYBIT] Alpha Strategy Review and Enhancement Update Announcement
[HEYBIT] 3Q23 Digital Asset Due Diligence Completed.
[Notice] System Maintenance for Launching of New Strategy, Alpha
[HEYBIT] Please agree to transfer your bot to the alpha strategy!
[HEYBIT] All strategies on HEYBIT will be changed to New Strategy “Alpha” on July 12, 2023 (WED)!
[Notice] Deposit Address will be changed.
[Notice] All products of HEYBIT Global are not related to the withdrawal suspension issue of Haru Invest and Delio
[Notice] Information on Reporting Overseas Financial Accounts (including Overseas Digital Asset Accounts)
[Notice] Caution on Fraud Sites
[HEYBIT] Notes on using Google Authenticator (2FA)
[HEYBIT] Holiday Notice
[Notice] Halt of bot operations due to Binance issues
[Notice] System Maintenance
[Notice] Temporary limit on creating bots of all Strategy
[HEYBIT] Refund Completion of BE’s Management fee and Early termination fee
[HEYBIT] Lunar New Year Holiday Notice
[Notice] Emergency system maintenance
[HEYBIT] Fee charging scheme has been applied.
[HEYBIT] FF Investment Supporting Event
[HEYBIT] Lunar New Year Holiday Notice
(Notice) Innovative function launched! Deposit TRX is available now!
[Notice] Binance System Maintenance
[HEYBIT] "Important" Notice on change in your USDT deposit address
[Notice] System Maintenance
[Notice] System Maintenance (Change your deposit address)