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[HEYBIT] All strategies on HEYBIT will be changed to New Strategy “Alpha” on July 12, 2023 (WED)!
[HEYBIT] All strategies on HEYBIT will be changed to New Strategy “Alpha” on July 12, 2023 (WED)!
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This is Digital Asset Robo-Advisor HEYBIT.

In preparation for the launch of the new strategy, we have been steadily monitoring and updating our BE and FF+ strategies, including our iconic FF strategy.

Launch of New Strategy, Alpha

However, the market circumstances have changed significantly since the time of our investment strategy research, and we came to the conclusion that it is structurally difficult to deliver the performance you expect by simply updating our existing strategy structure. Therefore, we have decided to take the bold step to move forward.

On July 12, 2023 (WED), the new strategy “Alpha” constructed by the new quant engineering team at HEYBIT will be launched, replacing FF, BE, and FF+.

All bots running on FF, BE, and FF+ will be re-engineered to the Alpha strategy.

The new strategy will not only work on Binance, but also on another new major global exchanges that we are working with.

About "Alpha"

HEYBIT's new strategy "Alpha" operates from the same perspective as FF+, which is statistical arbitrage in all directions.

However, unlike its predecessors, which prioritized minimizing losses in a market that experienced significant declines and sideways movement in 2022, the new strategy "Alpha" aims to expand the scope of data available to find more market variables and seize opportunities.

The new market monitoring system will allow us to have a higher probability of capturing arbitrage opportunities that arise in the short term, and to diversify our strategy to maximize momentum investments.

We will provide more details in a separate report next week.

Benefits for All HEYBIT Users

Despite the disappointment in the performance of the existing strategies, we sincerely thank you for your continued support, and we have prepared the following benefits for you:

Users running FF, BE, and FF+ strategies as of July 12, 2023 (WED)
- All bots will be automatically migrated to the new strategy.
- All active bots will retain the High-water mark.
- No performance fee benefit for the first 180 days of operation.

Inactive & New Users
- Users who pre-apply by July 12, 2023 (WED) and deposit into the new strategy bot by July 19, 2023(WED) will receive no performance fee benefit for the first 180 days of operation.

Disclaimer :

1. All active bots of FF, BE, and FF+ strategies will be closed as of July 12, 2023 (WED).

2. Your bot's investment will be automatically transferred to a new strategy's bot after a separate consent process. If you do not agree, your USDT will be kept in the bot.

3. If you do not want to automatically transfer to the new strategy, you can terminate your bot and withdraw your USDT until July 11, 2023 (TUE). We will refund any fees incurred upon termination.

4. If you withdraw to your HEYBIT Wallet after terminating your bot, you will be paid according to the EARN terms.

5. If you are running more than one bot, your high-water marks will be combined.

6. If you do not start trading bot by July 19 after pre-application, the free performance fee will be withdrawn.

If you are interested in the Alpha strategy and would like to pre-apply,
please click the link below and apply.


We would like to thank our clients who have been using the FF, BE, and FF+ strategies,

We will not forget our mission to be with you until the end of your investment journey and will continue to do our best to ensure the success of the Alpha strategy!



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