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[HEYBIT] Please agree to transfer your bot to the alpha strategy!
[HEYBIT] Please agree to transfer your bot to the alpha strategy!
Updated over a week ago

This is an announcement to users who are operating at least one of FF, BE, or FF+ bots as of July 2023.

This is Digital Asset Robo-Advisor HEYBIT.

As we announced on the 12nd July, 2023 (WED) new strategy Alpha will be released on the 12nd July, 2023 (WED) and users who operate bots will be automatically transferred.

If you follow the link below, you will receive the following benefits in addition to the automatic transfer.

1. High Watermark preservation
2. Free performance fees for the first 180 days of operation.

If you want to automatically transfer the current total investment amount of your bot to the "Alpha" product, Please click the button below by the 11st July, 2023 (TUE) at 16:00(SGT) to proceed with the agreement process.

1. Only accounts operating bots by the 12nd July, 2023 (WED) at 0:00(SGT) will be automatically transferred after the agreement process.
2. If you agree to the collection and use of personal information, automatic transfer of total investment amount using existing products, Alpha product terms and conditions, and bot creation, the automatic transfer will be performed.
3. If you have more than one strategy and agree to the above, they will be transferred in aggregate.
4. If you do not agree, the bot will be automatically terminated on the 12nd July, 2023 (WED), and your total investment will be kept in the bot, and you can withdraw it directly.

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