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FAQ: Secure Authentication 2FA OTP
FAQ: Secure Authentication 2FA OTP
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

At HEYBIT, we conduct multiple identity verification processes when using our services to ensure safe and transparent transactions and to protect your valuable information.

Please refer to the FAQ below, which many of you have been curious about regarding the use of OTP during the 4-step security verification for identity confirmation:

1. What is OTP authentication?

It is the 4-step identity verification process for your HEYBIT account. During the login and withdrawal authentication steps, please enter the 6-digit authentication number from the HEYBIT Service registered in the Authenticator app you downloaded.

2. How do I link OTP?

Click on the guide below to see detailed linking methods along with screenshots of each screen.

[HEYBIT] How to Set up Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)

3. I get an error saying the OTP authentication number is incorrect.

The OTP authentication number is a one-time code with a validity period. After a certain time, it expires, and due to the time difference between mobile and server, it may not work correctly.

Please check if you entered the code within the validity period. If you entered it within the validity period, please check your mobile settings as follows:

  • Android devices: Reset the time in the authentication app settings.

  • iOS devices: Go to Settings > General > Date and Time menu and activate automatic setting.

4. Did you lose or change your phone or delete the OTP app and need re-authentication?

In case of re-authentication, you need to unlink the OTP linked with the HEYBIT system and proceed with re-authentication.

Since OTP security authentication is connected to log-in, product use, cancellation, and withdrawal, the highest level of identity verification is carried out.

Please check the guide below and apply for unblinking.

Please send the following information and materials from the "account you registered with HEYBIT" to

  • 1 photo of your passport

  • 1 photo holding your passport and a memo with the following details, showing your face:

    • Memo details:

      • Customer mobile number

      • HEYBIT email address

      • Date of OTP unlinking request

  • In the email, please include the following:

    • "HEYBIT allows the OTP unlinking of OOO (your name)."

    • Permission phrase Reason for losing Google OTP (lost phone, damaged phone, accidentally deleted Google OTP, did not save Google OTP recovery code, etc.)

  • Notice :

    • Please attach a clear photo, which will be used for non-face-to-face identity verification.

    • Afterward, we will review the materials you provided to verify your identity as soon as possible and assist you with OTP unblinking.

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

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