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[EVENT Closed] Become a HEYBIT Beta Ambassador and Get Exclusive Benefits!
[EVENT Closed] Become a HEYBIT Beta Ambassador and Get Exclusive Benefits!
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This is Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

We have recently launched Beta Strategy, which closely tracks overall crypto market.

If you believe in the next crypto bull market with Bitcoin spot ETF and the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April, Beta Strategy can be a guiding beacon in your journey to the Moon.

Since its release a month ago on 1/25, one of the strategies HMI is recording +34.18% as of 2/26.

*Cumulative returns from 24. 1. 25 to 24. 2. 26

The Launch of Beta Ambassador Program

At this time, we are selectively inviting those of you who can be an evangelist for our Beta Strategy. By participating as a HEYBIT Beta Ambassador, you can seize an ideal opportunity to earn risk-free profits along with those you invited. Plenty of benefits await you, so apply now!

What activities do HEYBIT Beta Ambassadors primarily engage in?

1. Brief Introduction of the company, Heybit
2. Introducing the Beta Strategy
3. Sharing the Beta Strategy performance periodically
4. Sharing about Beta Strategy events

*However, these are just examples, and you can write the contents in your own way as long as they can effectively appeal the charms of HEYBIT Beta.

What benefits are provided to HEYBIT Beta Ambassadors?

1. 10% of the profits generated by the users who join the Beta Strategy through your invitation

  • Ex: Total investment amount of the invitees 50,000 USDT X Avg. PNL at the first termination/expiry 50% X 10% = “2,500 USDT”

    • # of invitees who start investing in HEYBIT Beta via your code: 100

    • Avg. investment amount: 5,000 USDT

    • Avg. profit rate: 50%

    • Profit share: 10%

      Then, your incentive becomes

      100 x 5,000 USDT x (50% x 10%) = 25,000 USDT

  • The more people you invite, the more profits you can earn!

2. Support of 1,000 USDT as HEYBIT Beta trial seed

3. Max 1,000 USDT incentives
- Pay $2 per every investor in HEYBIT Beta

Recruitment Details

- Number of recruits: 20
- Recruitment period: 2024.2.27 ~ 2024.3.17
- Final announcement of selected participants: Individually notified
- Activity period: 2 months from the date of the selection

How to Apply

Please note:

  • Please include the link(s) of your content channel (Youtube, blog, etc.)

  • You may perform Ambassador activities in the language of your preference suitable for your audience. (It does not have to be in English)

  • Uploading a sample of the expected content for promoting the beta strategy can increase your chances of being selected as an ambassador.

  • Once selected, we will provide guidance for the onboarding.

  • Please Please be sure to check out the Policy.

This will be an ideal opportunity to experience profits that grow on their own,
apply to be a HEYBIT Beta Ambassador now!

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

ⓒ Uprise Global, Inc.

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