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[HEYBIT] Notes on USDC Withdrawal
[HEYBIT] Notes on USDC Withdrawal
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This is the Digital Asset Investment Platform HEYBIT.

As Circle announced, USDC will no longer support the Tron network when using USDC from February 2025.

Exchanges such as Binance have recently experienced time delays without prior notice when depositing and withdrawing USDC using the Tron network, and we would like to inform you of the following announcement for your reference.

  • USDC withdrawal requests using the Tron network may take some time.

  • USDC withdrawal requests using the ETH network may incur a fee of 10USDC or more.

  • We recommend using the Swap function to convert USDT to USDC and withdraw it to save fees and time.

If you have any additional inquiries,

don't hesitate to contact HEYBIT Global Customer Center.

Thank you.

For further assistance or inquiries, 💡 Contact Our Support Team >

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