Lessons (Assignments)

Lessons are created by Writers, managers, and admins and lessons can be completed and reviewed by anyone in the previous three roles as well as learners. Content included in these lessons are designed and maintained completely by the organization subscribed to Hickory. The two primary lessons types are article based lessons and card based lessons and are both designed in the lesson creator tool.

Lesson Creator

Lesson creator allows owners, admins, and writers to create and customize lessons to the specific needs of the organization. This creation suite will allow you to import text, pictures and videos into the custom lessons you are creating.

Article based lessons

This type allows you to upload a PDF document as a lesson type in Hickory.

  • While editing this lesson in the content builder, you have the option to require that learners acknowledge that they have read and understand the document, but checking off the "Require positive affirmation for lesson completion" option in the left hand panel.

  • Learners will also be required to scroll to the bottom of the document in order to mark it as completed.

  • These PDF lessons can be standalone lessons, or can be a part of a lesson path.

Card based lessons

Card based lessons allow you to test what your learners know, while also giving them all the tools and information they need to succeed. There are a few different types of cards that make up these lessons.

Instruction Cards

Instruction cards are used to give the learner information on the subject of the lesson. These cards are great to go over content a learner will be quizzed on, and later use the other card types to test the knowledge.

Question Cards

Question cards are used to determine how well a user is retaining the knowledge in the lesson. Questions are asked that can be formatted in either multiple choice or free response, where after answering the learner will be asked how easy it was to recall the specific answer to the question.

Scenario Cards

Scenario cards allow users to respond to simulated scenarios created in the lesson editor, for example an interaction with a customer of the given organization, seeing how the learner reacts to the simulated scenario.

For a deeper dive into card based lessons, see our guide here.

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