Hickory will be able to send you reminders on lessons that are due for reviews and when they are due, notify you of when a new lesson has been assigned, as well as provide a link to view your Hickory Dashboard, directly from Slack!

Quick note on Slack notifications, lessons scheduled in the past do not send out notifications as they are assigned, but will show up in the daily reminders.

This feature will first need to be configured by a Slack workspace Admin, a full guide on this process can be found here.

Once the Slack integration is enabled for your workspace, you can find the channel designated by your workspace admin and type: "@Hickory Enroll me"

At this point, the @Hickory App will appear and send you a message to register your Hickory account with your Slack account.

Following the link provided by the Hickory message, you will be directed log in to your Hickory account. Once you log in here, or are already logged in, you will be asked to authorize Slack to access your Hickory account. This will show you what authorizing will allow Slack to do.

After authorizing, you are good to go!

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