What are ‘scenes’, What’s the purpose of scenes, How do I use scenes to create interactive AR experiences

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What are Scenes?

Interactive AR experiences are made up of many “scenes”. Each scene can contain 3D content, images, video, etc., which you’ll see as AR content, as well as buttons, text and images in the interface. Think of scenes as stages that the user will go through during the entire AR experience. Below is an image of the storyboard. The rectangles that are connected by arrows are scenes. you can read more about the storyboard here:

What’s the purpose of scenes?

Scenes are the way for you to add interactivity to your AR experience. By letting your users go through a series of scenes their interactions with your content can take them through a story or series of events through different scenes.

If you only use one scene, the user will only see the same AR content during the whole experience, so if you add more scenes, the user will have choices that they have to make making the experience much more engaging and interesting.

How do I use scenes to create interactive AR experiences?

Use the storyboard to map all the scenes you need and how they relate to each other to have a clear overview of the different interactions.

You can set up each scene to look exactly the way you want and define how the viewers can interact with it. An AR experience can hold as many scenes as you want.

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