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Where can I find Homebody couch reviews?
Where can I find Homebody couch reviews?

See what the media are saying about Homebody sofas and sectionals.

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11 Editor-Loved Furniture Finds We Were Obsessed With This Year

Apartment Therapy

An all-white couch can be a tough sell, but if you’re considering the two-seat coconut sectional from Homebody, Style Editor Blair Donovan thinks you should go for it... “Folks, I’m not at all being hyperbolic when I tell you that Homebody’s design is one of the — if not the — coziest, never-want-to-get-up kind of couches I’ve experienced in my life thus far (I’m currently even writing this review from it, TBH),” Donovan writes.

I Tried Homebody's Actually Stylish Recliner Sofa


"This is how I came to discover the shockingly attractive Homebody reclining sofa, a furniture startup’s genius creation—in all its svelte and slipcovered glory—that seemingly promises to deliver an even comfier and cooler version of the good old-fashioned La-Z-Boy. I was sold."

The 15 Most Comfortable Couches You’ll Never Get Off Of

Harpers Bazaar

"For self-identifying couch potatoes, this sofa is so comfortable you may never get off of it. You can customize the size and colors, and even get seats with a reclining function for maximum comfort. This sofa ships in smaller boxes, so you never have to worry about it not fitting through your doorways. As a Homebody owner myself, I can attest to this sofa’s superior quality and comfort level."

Homebody's Ultra-Comfortable Sofas Are (Somehow) Making Recliners Cool


"Interestingly, without taking up any more physical space in my apartment, my Homebody couch makes the room feel a lot bigger, considering it has such a grand scale and becomes the focal point of the room. I find myself thinking about the couch when I’m out and start getting that itch to go home (like a lover).

Seriously, there is nothing better than putting your feet up after a long day, especially when the chair does it for you. Oh, and did I mention that it only needs two inches of clearance to be able to recline? I think the most impressive realization was that the couch can be flush with your wall and still function, so it really is perfect for smaller spaces."

The Most Comfortable Couches That Feel Like Lounging On A Cloud


"The Couch from Homebody is another modular sofa that’s perfect for multi-pet households. The design has multiple layers of cushions for maximum comfort, and its seven upholstery options are super durable. Not only does the fabric resist staining, but the covers can all be removed and laundered as needed. That’s not all that’s great about this couch, either—you also have the choice to include reclining seats in your design, making the sofa even more comfortable for relaxing with your family and furry friends."

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