How do I block schedule?
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There are many ways people do this.

If you block by semesters/quarters, simply select the correct dates.

If you schedule multiple subjects in a block on the same day, create your lesson plans as usual. When you create them, set them all to the same time. In the weekly or daily view, your student will see multiple subjects showing within the same time block.

TIP: Choose the same color for each lesson plan block, so it's easier to see the blocks at a glance.

If you offer multiple subjects in a block but on different days, such as language arts, assigning one day per subject is an option.

For example,

Day 1 -- Spelling assignment
Day 2 -- Day 1 of writing assignment
Day 3 -- Grammar assignment
-- Spelling practice
Day 4 -- Day 2 of writing assignment
Day 5 -- Spelling test
-- Turn in writing assignment

This is very easy to do using our custom auto-populate if you do not have any sub/secondary assignments.

If you block schedule another way, please reach out to us via chat & we'll try to help you find a way to plan it.

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