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How Can I Use My Hoppier Card?
How Can I Use My Hoppier Card?

Use your Hoppier card online, on an app, at any real world location, or over the phone

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You can use your Hoppier card like you would any other credit card! Your Hoppier card is not a gift card - it's a VISA!

If you're ordering online or from a food delivery app, just input the card details when it asks for payment. You can also call and give the card details over the phone when you're ordering.

TIP: Be sure that the Hoppier card is entered at checkout as a credit card, not a gift card, and all information entered matches your Hoppier account exactly, including name, billing address, numbers, expiry date, and CVV.

Click here for more details about how to check out with your Hoppier card.

Can I use my Hoppier Card In-Person?

Yes, you can!

If you are paying in person, we suggest to add your Hoppier card to your Virtual Wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay) as this makes this process much easier than asking a vendor to enter your Hoppier card manually at checkout. Debit or Credit terminals will not always accept manual entry (typing in the Hoppier card numbers by hand) but most will now accept Tap.

TIP: We don't recommend asking a cashier to input the Hoppier card details at checkout, as this can often result in a declined transaction due to human error (entering the card information incorrectly) and the debit or credit terminal may not recognize the needed information associated to your Hoppier card (billing address, CVV, and expiry checks).

To add your Hoppier card to your Virtual Wallet:

Open your virtual wallet in your phone, tapping the "+" to add a payment method, and entering your Hoppier card information exactly as it appears in your account, including name, number, CVV, and if it asks, the billing address associated with your Hoppier account.

TIP: Your Virtual Wallet may ask for a security code to confirm the card once it is added - check the email associated to your Hoppier account for a security code to verify!

Click here for more information about how to add your Hoppier card into your Virtual Wallet.

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