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Ordering With My Hoppier Card
Ordering With My Hoppier Card

Use your Hoppier card to place orders with any allowed vendors

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Your event has provided you with a Hoppier virtual credit card to spend at any of your allowed vendors.

Your card may be limited to a list of “allowed vendors” that your event organizer has set. Check out your “allowed vendors” on the applications homepage, on the right hand side of your account page to see where this card can be spent. Spending at a disallowed vendor will be blocked.

For more information about your approved vendors, check out the article: Where Can I Spend My Hoppier Card?

Checking out online, or through an app

In order to spend this virtual credit card, you will need to add this card as a payment method at checkout. This card is intended to be used exactly as you would with any other VISA card.

When checking out online or through an app, or when entering your Hoppier card in your virtual wallet, please make sure that you enter the Hoppier card information exactly as it appears in your Hoppier account, including your name, the card number, the expiry and the security code. Please also note that the billing address must match at checkout as well.

The billing address entered must match your Hoppier account - but it's important to note that the billing address and the delivery address for your order are different things, and can be different. This will not effect your order. If needed, enter a separate delivery address from the billing address for your order.

TIP: Updating the Hoppier card billing address is not possible outside of the US. If this is not available to you, it is best to go with the billing address listed on your card.

My transaction didn't go through?

Please check the following:

  • You are using the correct billing information.

  • You are spending on allowed vendor.

  • Your card has not expired.

  • You are spending within your Hoppier credit limit. Are you spending over your balance? Check your transaction total against your Hoppier card balance, your transaction could be failing for insufficient funds available. Do you want to spend over your available Hoppier card balance? Click here for more information.

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