We at Horse Monkey want to make sure you have everything you need to help you register and use Horse Monkey below we have created cheat sheets to help guide you through.

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Searching for British Dressage Training

Searching for British Dressage Training is quick and easy, looking at the screen shots below:

  1. Free text search, if you know what training or coach you are looking for simply type in this field just like you would a Google search to find the event you are looking for

  2. We have added a discipline in the Advance filter search of "British Dressage Training" this will list all British Dressage Training events and you can further refine the search using date filters or counties to suit. Additionally if it is British Dressage Judge Training or Youth Training you are looking for you have discipline filters for them as well.

How do I search for events to enter



Flexi Training

To make this easy to find your regions Flexi Training registration, simply type into the free text field search "Flexi" and this will bring all the regions Flexi events into the listing for you so you can select your regions Flexi training event and log your coach training session.

Regional British Dressage Landing Pages



North & East

North & West

South & East

South & West

Ongoing Support

The Horse Monkey team will be on hand to support you. When you are on the Horse Monkey website, we have a live chat facility so you can get in touch - click on the bell icon, then click help me!

You can also visit our Help Centre which has lots of articles for you, or you can email us directly on hello@horsemonkey.com

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