Business Card
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Our 'Business Card' feature offers a straightforward way to connect and share information with new contacts, before you meet in person! See how it works.

Share your business card

When you send a meeting request, you'll have the option to share your business card with the recipient. All business cards exchanged are accessible in the iConnections mobile app:

Edit your business card information

To edit the information on your business card, simply scan the QR code on the left. This lets you view your card and make any necessary edits:

Business card shared!

Once you send a meeting request, the recipient will have the option to share their business card with you in return:

Access your business cards

To view the cards you’ve exchanged, simply open the mobile app and navigate to the ‘Business Card’ section. You can export the contact information as an .xlsx, or directly to your phone contacts!

Exchange in-person too!

Don’t forget that the QR code in your mobile app allows you to exchange your business card in-person too! Forget the paper, and keep all of your contacts in one place!

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