There are two ways you can recolor animated icons and illustrations downloaded from our website.

First — serious, but rewarding. Uses source files.

Downloading an animation in .aep format gives you the source file for it, which lets you edit it in a proper way, and do basically anything you want with it, from recoloring layers and modifying speed to deleting objects and editing the animations themselves.

The catch is that you'll need to use Adobe After Effects for that, since .aep is a native format for this app. It has a 7-day trial period, though.

Second — quick and easy, works most of the time.
1) Download the animation in .json format
2) Go to the Lottie editor. It may ask you to register an account.

3) After uploading the file, you'll see a list of layers the image consists of and their colors.

4) In the editor you will be able to modify colors and general properties of the animation, such as dimensions, framerate and duration.

Note: Lottie editor is a 3rd party tool, thus we can't guarantee that our animations will be compatible with it 100% of the time. Please expect that at least some layers won't be able to be recolored.

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