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How to change desktop icons (Windows)
How to change desktop icons (Windows)

Replace the taskbar, home screen and folder icons

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The process of adding custom icons to your Windows system is basically the same for the taskbar, desktop and folders, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download the icons in .ico format, which you can do from our desktop app by selecting .ICO and size in the dropdown menu and saving the icons you need.

  2. Only initial steps of the process differ:

    1. To replace an icon for a program, right click it on the desktop, choose Properties at the bottom and go to the Shortcut tab. Press Change icon option and upload the .ico file through the Browse prompt.

    2. To replace a folder image, right click it and once again open the Properties window. Go to the Customize tab and click Change icon option.

    3. To change an icon for a program in the taskbar, right-click the pinned app and right-click the program name again in the pop-up menu, then choose Properties and follow the steps in 2a.

  3. To change icons for system shortcuts such as This PC and Recycle Bin, right-click on an empty area of your desktop and choose Personalize at the bottom.

    1. Choose Themes in the left sidebar.

    2. Uploading custom icons will be available in Desktop icon settings under the Related settings on the right.

And here's our video tutorial that goes through the process of replacing folder icons.

Have fun!

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