1. Select the project you wish to access documents for by clicking Projects on the lefthand navigation > click Projects > select the project 

  2. Navigate to Documents page from the selected project menu

  3. Select the folder that contains the PDFs you wish to manage

  4. Add subfolders or files to the existing folder structure for the selected project

Note: The default folder structure you see on the 'This Project' screen is managed within your company setting's folder structure.

File Management

Once you have selected a folder, select the file you wish to manage.

  1. Click the ... button to open the Document Management options:

Share: allows you to share the Document with other Ingenious Users or invite a new User to join the Platform and share
Download: download a copy of the Document to your device
Add Annotation: select to view document details (see Step 3)
Rename: change the name of the Document (name default is the name of the uploaded File)
Add to Starred: star this Document for quick reference in this project or across all projects
Move: change the Folder location of this Document
Copy: make a copy of this Document in another Folder (current Document remains unchanged in the current Folder location)
Delete: remove the file from Ingenious

Annotate Existing Documents

Use the Document annotation tools to make any mark-ups you need digitally within the application.  All annotations are logged and can be shared with connected Users if you would like to

  1. Draw / Highlight

  2. Add a Digital Signature

  3. Add a Stamp (create your own custom stamps)

  4. Add a sticky note

  5. Add annotation text

  6. Draw shapes

Control Document versions

Add as many versions of a Document as you need and control which versions are shared with connected users.

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