The Company Information page allows workspace Administrators to list all details regarding your company and any certificates that your company has. General company information and certificates can be referenced during the bidding process. If you are collaborating with another company on the Ingenious platform, they can reference your company information to search qualifications and/or diversity status to help identify a company that fits their project's requirements. 

Company Preferences allow you to set standards for how your projects operate. From your preferred Unit of Measure to how your Projects and Contracts are numbered, these can be specified here.


  1. Navigate to Company Settings by clicking the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen

  2. Click Company Information tab within the General page > scroll to bottom of page, click Edit

2. Enter all information pertaining to your Company Information. Note that only the Company Name is required to be filled out.

3. Click Save to keep all of your edits or Cancel to delete them. 

Setup Company Certificates - Diversity Status

Certificates can be any licensing, liability policies or statuses that your company has or qualifies for. 

Click the Certificates tab at the top of the page within Company Information to add these certificates.

  1. Click Edit > Add Row to include Diversity Status if your company qualifies.
    MBE is a certificate issued to companies based on ownership and control. They could be issued by the federal, state or local government.
    Minority Owned*: select the status of minority ownership your company qualifies as

  2. Enter in all pertinent information in the fields provided. Note that only the fields with the red asterisk are required.

  3. Click Save to keep all of your edits or Cancel to delete them. 

Enter Company Preferences

Company preferences is a section where you can set your timezone, your language, unit of measure, and currency. You can also set whether or not you would prefer to allow your Project Managers to start a project, or whether or not you want to require an RFI to create a Change Order. You can also standardize the way that P.O.s, Invoices, and Contracts are numbered.

There are a lot more options you can specify. To do so, click Edit in the bottom corner. Once complete, click Save.

Next Steps

Add Business Units

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