The PDF export feature is located within different features throughout the platform. The export settings allow you to adjust the header, footer, logo and accent colors for PDF's exported from the platform. 


The Company Information and Office Locations must be set up so that the export settings can pull the company name, address, website, office phone number and company email. Only Admin Account Types have access to adjusting PDF Export settings. 


  1. Navigate to Company Settings by clicking the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen

  2. Click Exports tab to get to PDF settings.

  3. Click Edit on the bottom corner.

  4. Enter fields with information you want to appear on PDFs exported from the platform for your company:

Documentation Company Logo: upload .jpg file of your company's logo. This logo populates to the header of exported documents such as proposals and invoices.
Documentation Accent Color: select the color you want the accent trim colors to be. It is recommended that this color coincides with the color scheme of the company logo.
Append Footer on Exports: choose if you want footers to be included on your PDF's.
Append Separators in Footer:  choose if you want diagonal slashes to separate the company information in the footer of the PDF

With Slashes

Without Slashes

Enable Page Numbering: choose to show the page number on each sheet printed (recommended)
Format Footer: select which data points you want to show in the footer by choosing the available variables. Leave only 1-space between the data points. Any more than 1-space between the data points will void the entry. Copy/ Paste each variable to the position you want it to appear in the footer. See below for example: 

Priority List: This list defines the order of what to remove first starting from the bottom of the list when some information doesn't fit on the footer. 

Pro-Tip: if your company name is too long to fit in the footer, remove it first to guarantee the remaining information shows in the footer. The company name will be present in the logo located at the header.

5. Click Save to keep edits

Note: To preview how the PDF header and footer will look, save the edits and go back to the general tab and click Preview

Adjust Settings for introduction of Proposals

The introduction text for proposal PDFs can be customized to your company's preferred standard. This paragraph will proceed the Project Scope and summary of all proposals. To adjust Proposal 'Intro Text', complete the following: 

  1. Click Proposal tab within the Exports page of Company Settings

  2. Copy and past the capitalized phrased variables and place them around the general language you want every proposal to contain.

    COMPANY_NAME: the name of your company
    TYPE_OF_SERVICE: this is populated from within the Proposals feature as the "Type of Service" entered in on the Scope of Work page
    SECONDARY_PROJECT_TITLE: This is populated from within the Proposals feature as the "Project Type" entered in on the Scope of Work page

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