The CRM feature allows you to manage new and exiting project opportunities as a pipeline. Within the company settings for CRM, you can adjust the win probability percentage, add, edit or delete the stage names and associate colors to a given stage. 


The Admin account type is required to adjust the CRM settings for your company. The CRM functionality is only available within the PROIO subscription. 


  1. Navigate to Company Settings in the upper right corner of the screen by clicking the profile outline symbol > click Company Settings

  2. Click the CRM tab
    This tab will show you all of the stage names available within your company's CRM feature. A Stage Name is the stage a project opportunity can fall under. The default stages are shown below:

    Lead: a project opportunity that may become an RFP
    RFP: a project opportunity that your company has been requested for an proposal
    Proposal: a project opportunity that your company has sent a proposal for
    Won: any project opportunities your company has won
    Lost: any project opportunities that your company has been notified to be a loss

Win Probability: the percentage of probability the project opportunity has within the specified stage of becoming a 'Won' project. This percentage will be calculated against the project cost and placed within the 'Won' column on the CRM as a sum of all project revenue opportunities as a $ value.

Add New Stage Name

  1. Click Add New Stage located in the upper righthand corner. 

  2. Enter information about the stage:
    Title*: enter a name for this stage
    Color*: select the color that this stage will appear as within the CRM feature
    Percent*: enter the estimated win probability for a proposal at this stage of the pipeline. This will be shown on the main CRM page.
    Forecast Editable: *this is a future enhancement* you will be able choose whether your want the win percentage to be editable by your company admins/ assigned employees on particular projects within any stage of the CRM pipeline.

    Example: you have a project in the Lead stage that is from a client you have a great relationship with. Your company might have a higher likelihood of winning that project than other projects in the 'Lead' stage, so you would turn on forecast editable to edit the forecast of that individual project under that stage. It is recommended to select Yes for forecast editable for any stage where your company would have more insight to the likelihood of winning particular opportunities. 

  3. Click Save

    Note: Saving Re-orders new Stages in descending order based on Win Probability.

Edit a Stage

  1. Click the Stage you wish to edit

  2. Edit the fields shown on the screen

  3. Click Save 

Delete a Stage

  1. Make sure that there are no opportunities (projects) that exist within that stage name on the CRM page. 

  2. Click the 🗑symbol to the right of the stage name to delete it. The 🗑will only appear if there are no opportunities within that stage on the CRM page > Confirm deletion. 

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