Adding Manual Bids

Add manual bids for proposals received from off-system vendors who have responded to your RFP

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A manual bid on the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform is a proposal that you have received off-system. Meaning, a lower party has emailed or communicated the details of their proposal without using the INGENIOUS.BUILD platform. Adding a manual bid allows you to transfer the proposal information on to the bid package for a specific scope of work.


The Bid Package must be created in order to manually add Proposals from bidders.


  1. Navigate the selected Bid Package's Bids tab > Click Add Manual Bid button at the bottom of the screen

2. Select the Company and Contact you are entering a bid for along with the Date Received

3. Click Next to enter the Q&A responses on behalf of the bidder (if-applicable)

4. Click Next to enter the costs associated with each Quoted Item

5. Click Next to add any Attachments your bidder has sent you

6. Click Save

Any additional Manual Bids can be added the same way as mentioned above. The bids will automatically level themselves based on cost.

To perform more actions on the bid card, click on Actions at the bottom.

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