Client relationship management is an approach to managing project opportunities with current and potential clients. Within the CRM feature of IngeniousIO, you can manage the pipeline of project opportunities and get immediate status on the likelihood of winning a project. The CRM feature is a single source of information for any and all projects your company has in its pipeline.


CRM functionality is available within the PROIO subscription plan for all workspace types. The Admin or Project Executive account type is required to adjust the CRM settings for your company's workspace. 

The CRM stages and their % of win probability within your company's workspace can be edited by adjusting the CRM stages within company settings. 


  1.  Add or adjust opportunity stages within the pipeline by going to company settings and adjusting the CRM stages.

    Note: the default Win Probability % can be adjusted to match your company's preferences. The default stage names are shown below:

Add a New Project Opportunity Card

  1. Navigate to the CRM tab on the lefthand navigation. 

  2. Click Add New Opportunities OR if other opportunities have already been added, click Add New Card

3. Enter the opportunity's details:

Title: enter the name of the project/opportunity
Client: select an existing client or add a new client to your company's workspace  
Value: enter the $ value of your company's contract opportunity
Estimated Close Date: select the date that the project will be awarded/closed by
Description: enter basic details about the opportunity

3. Click Save.
The opportunity will now appear as a CRM card that other employees can be added to.

Manage CRM Opportunties

Add notes, files, employees and tasks to the CRM cards you create. 

  1. Click on the CRM card of interest, this will show the card's detail in the Listing view shown below

Assign Employees and Tasks to Card

Employees can be assigned to manage the opportunity in addition to creating tasks to complete for the opportunity card.

  1. From either the CRM - Stages view or List View > Click the round plus icon to assign an employee to the card

  2. Select the employee's name from the list > click Save
    This will send an email notification to the selected employee to manage the opportunity/card.

3. Assign tasks by selecting the card > click the checklist icon and enter task details:
Due Date: enter the date you want the task completed by
Assigned to: select the employee that is to complete the task
4. Once all edits are made to the task, click Add to create the task

5. Add any files to the card by clicking on the folder icon 🗂and selecting files to upload.

Once all edits have been made to the card, click the Stages tab to return to the list of opportunities for your company's CRM. 

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