When using INGENIOUS.BUILD you can collaborate on your projects with your trade partners for free. Within various areas of the platform, the option to connect with external collaborators is available. Your external contact would be invited to create their own workspace so that they can collaborate on projects with you.


  1. Once you have your Contact added through the left-hand navigation > Contacts, the best way to invite an external contact is through Project Directory. In the Project that you would like to invite your external contact to, navigate to Project Directory. Once they are added to the Directory either as an off-system user or on-system user, there will be a paper plane icon on the right hand side. Click on this to invite them.

  2. The collaborator will get an email invitation from with a link to sign up for INGENIOUS.BUILD. If they do not, please advise them to check in their SPAM folder, and make sure to add us into their Contacts list after that to ensure they get all Ingenious communications.

3. The invited collaborator will follow the link to set up their own workspace.

4. The invited collaborator will then choose either the free OpenCA account type to collaborate or the paid subscription account type to collaborate and also manage their own portfolio of projects. They can always change this at a later date if needed.

5. Then, they will be prompted to enter their name, email, phone number, and to create a password. Then they will receive a confirmation code in their email. They will need to enter this to confirm their email is correct.

5. The invited collaborator will then confirm their workspace type assigned to their company by the person who invited them. The other workspace options are shown to allow the invited collaborator to verify that they are creating the correct workspace type and if not, reject the invite so that they can create a different workspace type.

6. The user will enter their Workspace Information. The workspace name will be the same URL that their whole company will use to access Ingenious.

6. The new OpenCA collaborator will then be taken directly to the project that they were invited to collaborate on.

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