When creating a checklist item for a task, you can assign other employees, or other on-system users / collaborators to a specific checklist item.


  1. Click Actions at the top toolbar of your screen > click Add Task

  2. Enter the name of the Task in the title bar

  3. Add any details, files or tags to the task

  4. Specify Due Date and Type

  5. Click Assigned ➕ icon on the right-hand side. This will pop-up a list of employees available within your workspace.

  6. Select the names of the employees you wish to assign to the Task

  7. Click Save

Note: The names selected are now available to assign to a checklist item.

Assign Users to Checklist Items

  1. Create a checklist item by clicking the entry field and typing in the item

  2. Type or click the @ symbol to tag someone to the checklist item.
    You can choose from anyone assigned to the Task from the previous steps or you can select yourself.

  3. Hit Enter to store the checklist item and add more

Re-arrange order of Checklist Items

Drag any item you wish to move up or down in the list. This will help communicate order of importance, or order that it needs to be completed, to all those assigned to the selected task.

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