A pay application package is a group of invoices to be submitted to your client (on or off system) after being approved by your company. Additionally, pay app packages can be stored within your company's workspace to hold approved and/or paid invoices for record.

All invoices submitted within a pay application package are for a specified billing period. This billing period is setup within the project's pay-app settings for each project. The billing period, invoice selection and total amounts are all controlled and visible within the pay application package.

The process below will guide you through how to quickly setup an application package.


You must first configure your settings for Pay Applications within Project Settings. To do so, from the project drop-down menu, navigate to Project Settings. Then, click Pay Apps and fill out the necessary information as it applies to your project.


  1. From the project drop down menu, navigate to the Invoicing & Pay Applications module

  2. Select the Application Packages tab > Click Create Application Package

3. Attach created Invoices to package:

  • Click Attach Invoice to place invoices within the application package

4. A pop-up window listing all available invoices will appear. You will have the option to Attach or View before attaching. Once you are done, click the X on the top right corner.

You can now add both contracted and non-contracted vendor invoices to the application package. If your vendor is on-system and collaborating with you on INGENIOUS.BUILD, they will have the ability to send their invoices directly to you on-system with their requested amounts listed per quote item and Schedule of Value.

Note that you can click on the three dots next to the Vendor company names to create an invoice to include directly into this pay application package, to send a reminder, or to indicate not billing this period.

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