Once all of your approved invoices have been included within a pay app package for the selected billing period, you have the ability to take action on the entire application package. All of the invoices in the package must be marked as approved prior to being able to mark the package as reviewed and approved.


Mark Package as Reviewed and Approved

  1. Select the pay app package you want to submit

  2. Verify all invoices listed within the package have been marked as approved. The number of approved invoices will be shown at the top of the package:

3. Click Actions at the top right corner > click Mark as Reviewed and Approved.

Reviewed and Approved: this will label the entire package with this status and allow you to submit invoices for funding.

Submitting Invoices for Funding

  1. Scroll down to the invoice section and click Actions > Submit for Funding

  • Each funding source holding invoices will need to be submitted separately. This allows the ability to submit invoices to their funding sources as needed.

  • For scenarios where your client (funding source) is not using Ingenious, you can export the funding package to PDF. All invoices within the package and the documents holding the invoice backup files will be combined within the PDF export.

2. Confirm to Submit for Funding

The submitted funding package will display its status:

3. Choose the next action you want to take on the funding package:

  • Approve for Funding: approves the funding package and post invoice amounts to corresponding budget cost codes as. Ability to go back to draft or pay for select invoices gets presented.

  • Revise and Resubmit: this rejects the funding package for all the invoices included. Ability to go back to draft mode gets presented.

  • Go Back to Draft: allows you to add or remove more invoices to the funding package

  • Export to PDF: exports all invoices within the package to be combined into PDF

4. Select Approve for Funding

Marking Invoices as Paid

Approving for funding will now allow you to mark invoices as paid (if-applicable) by clicking Actions again > Mark as Paid.

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