The project contract with your clients or vendors can be executed either manually or through an exchange process digitally with who you are contracting with. It is the same process whether this is your Main Contract, or your vendor contract.



  1. With the project contract selected, there are two ways to execute the contract

    1. Within the Actions button, select Contract Exchange. If the client or vendor is on-system, you will have the option to Request Contract, which will allow your client or vendor to propose the contract terms to send to you. You can also upload your first version of the contract to send to your client or vendor for review, or to take control and execute the contract on the spot.

    2. There is a banner that allows you to Upload Fully Executed Agreement, which essentially takes you to the same pop-up as above. If your client or vendor is off-system, you will only have the option to Upload and Execute on the spot.

Contract Execution

Execute your company's main project contract by clicking Execute Contract after uploading pdf, or after a successful exchange with your client or vendor. This will lock in the contract value and details from any further edits, labeling the contract's status as 'Executed'. However, the SoVs will still be editable and available for building out more cost details.

Note: Executing this contract will create a commitment in the Anticipated Cost Report (ACR) and allow for invoicing.

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