Creating and Approving an Invoice

Enter invoices on behalf of your company's work, or on behalf of an off-system vendor

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The steps below represent the workflow of creating an invoice on behalf of your company's contracted work with the client, or on behalf of an off-system vendor. You'll have the ability to export the invoice to PDF or mark the invoice as approved and ultimately paid if your client and/or vendor is off system.

All invoices can be added to a pay application package for packaged submissions.


  1. Select the project that the invoice is for

  2. Navigate to the Invoicing & Pay Applications module from the project dropdown menu

  3. Click the Actions > click Add My Invoice

  4. Choose between the three different Invoice types: My Invoice, Vendor Invoice, Non-Contracted Invoice, Retention Invoice

  5. If you chose My Invoice, then the Client will automatically be chosen. If you chose any other types, you will be prompted to select the Company. Enter in all other pertinent information. Click Create.

  6. You will then be dropped onto the first tab of the Invoices, which would be the details. Here, you can review and ensure the details are correct.

Enter Invoice Line Items

On the second tab, you can begin to enter Invoice Line Item billing. If you chose a My Invoice, Vendor Invoice, or Retention Invoice, the SoV lines from the Executed Contracts will populate here.

If you chose a Non-Contracted Invoice, you will need to enter in a line item with a description and cost code applied, along with the dollar amounts applicable.

Enter in percent of work complete or the dollar amount that will be invoiced within the % of Completed Work or Current Application column for the specific quoted item(s):

Note: You can click on each of the SOV line items to the left for short-cuts and easier navigating! This is especially helpful if you have a lot of line items.

Uploading Invoice Documents

While this is an optional step, you may upload any PDF documents within the 3rd tab.

  1. Click the Documents tab

  2. Upload files

  3. Click Actions > Save as Draft to store the uploads

Note: You can always Save as Draft and come back to this later!

Applying Funding

On the next tab, you can specify your Funding Sources (Owner/Rep Only if-applicable). Note that you will need to do this before marking this Invoice as Approved. You can select from the drop-down menu which source to use, and to indicate how much of the invoice will be funded, you can enter in either the dollar amount or the percentage of the Invoice.

Click Add Additional Funding Source if there is more than one.

Note that the dollar amount shown as the Invoice SoV Line Items Total is the NET value, and not the Gross value.

Invoice Timeline

This tab will show the timeline of the Invoice.

Next Steps

Once all of the Invoice Line Items are entered, you can Save as Vendor Submission by clicking the Actions button on the top right. Then, you'll have the ability to mark the invoice Under Review.

Once all information has been confirmed and reviewed, you can now mark the invoice as Approved, or Rejected. Then, you have the ability to Submit for Funding, Approved for Funding, and Paid and enter in payment information for record. Once the invoice is marked as paid, it will be locked and un-editable.

Note: Once an Invoice is marked as 'Submit for Funding', then this Invoice amount will move from Column P 'Current Application' to column Q 'Previous Application'.

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