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Pay Applications and Invoicing
Pay Applications and Invoicing Overview
Pay Applications and Invoicing Overview

Overview of the pay application invoicing workflow

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Attaching invoices within a pay application package requires a few steps to take place within your project prior to execution. The workflow specified below breaks down, at a high level, the steps required on your project to create a pay application package full of contracted and non-contracted invoices.

Invoices for both your company and your contracted vendors can be attached within an application package. This package can then be sent up to your client, on or off system for them to execute.

Platform Flow

Note: this workflow is for all workspaces except DesignIO and SubIO. For Design and Sub workspaces, omit steps 2 and 4, the budget burndown replaces the master budget.


1. Execute all contracts that will be invoiced, including your company's main project contract. Executed contracts are listed within the Project Contracts module for a selected project:

2. Configure your project's pay-app settings. These settings auto-populate the billing periods for the application packages:

3. Create the project's pay application package that references a billing period by clicking View Application Package from the Pay-app settings, or from navigating to the Invoicing & Pay Application module by the drop-down menu. Click Actions > Create Application Package.

5. Create and attach invoices that are to be placed within an Application Package or create stand alone invoices that can be submitted outside of an application package.

Owners / Owner Reps - Funding Source Requirement

  • For the OwnerIO (Owner) workspace, project leaders are required to setup the project's funding source(s): the project's funding sources must be configured in order to supply finances to the invoices and track the amount of funding left within the project budget as invoices get paid.

  • For the RepIO (Owner's Rep) workspace, a project leader is only required to setup a project's funding source(s) if they plan on approving invoices. The status of invoices can either be labeled as 'Submitted' or 'Approved'. If you wish to approve an invoice, the project's funding source must be configured:

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