Within project settings, you are able to configure a financial approval workflow for project budgets. This will allow you to set multiple roles and / or employees to approve the budget. In the near future, this same workflow approval will also apply across other financial modules, including Budget Changes, Contracts, Change Orders, and Invoices.


This is optional, however, setting up a template for financial approval workflows is helpful to do so before getting to this process.


  1. From the project dashboard, go to the drop-down menu and select Project Settings

2. On the left bar, select Financial Approval Workflows. You’ll notice there are 5 tabs at the top; stay within Budget Approvals. To get started, click on Create Approval Workflow

3. You will be prompted to select an option to create a workflow, or use an existing workflow template.

Using an empty workflow

  1. If you've selected to use an empty workflow, or in other words, to create your own workflow specific for this project, you'll be prompted to provide a name. Click Create.

2. You will have the option to toggle the cost codes on or off. If toggled off, this workflow will automatically apply to all budgets, despite which cost codes are used. If toggled on, you’ll see that you are able to specify workflows for specific sets of cost codes as needed. Approval workflows on the cost code level are usually established for larger project budgets.

3. You will also have the ability to toggle the approval sequence and approval limit on and off. Setting this up is very similar to setting up a financial approval workflow template. For more information on how to do so, please click here and jump to Step 4.

Using an existing workflow template

  1. If you've selected to use an existing workflow template, note that you will still need to provide a workflow name to reference.

2. Click Choose Template. In this window you’ll see a list of all the templates available. You can either scroll through them, or if you know the template name, you can search for it. You’ll also notice that the short description, along with the title and when it was last updated, is available information to help you decide which template to use. We’ll select Approval 1.

3. If you have employees assigned to these roles on this project, then you should be good to go. If not, it will prompt you to assign these roles, so that the approval workflow can be utilized.

  • Note that you can also modify the settings originally specified within the template for added flexibility. You can drag and drop the icon to the left of the approval sequence to re-order, or click the trash icon to the right to remove any approver.

  • Similar to the first option, there is a toggle on / off for cost codes.

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