07/11/2022 Release Notes

Previous vs Current on ACR, Owner Cost Code Mapping

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Welcome to Keep Being INGENIOUS, the fabulous newsletter about the shiniest new features and enhancements to our dynamic and constantly improving platform. We are thrilled to share what we've been up to recently — drumroll please….

Updates to the Budget / ACR — ‘Previous’ and ‘Current’ Invoice Apps

We’ve added an Invoice status of ‘Submitted for Funding’ and ‘Approved for Funding,’ which allows you to have more control over which Invoices are in the ‘Current’ column P of the ACR vs. which are in the ‘Previous’ column Q of the ACR. Simply move the Invoice status to ‘Submit for Funding,’ which effectively moves this Invoice to the ‘Previous’ column Q of the ACR, giving you complete control and clarity over your ACR. Go ahead and see for yourself; we know you can hardly wait!!

Note: this is only applicable to the Owner Rep workspace.

Owner Cost Code Mapping is here!

As an Owner, you will now have the ability to translate your Rep’s cost codes to your own cost code structure! This makes it easier for you as an Owner to track your Rep’s costs in your own structured way. Within Bid Packages, Contracts, Invoices, and Change Orders, there will be an added column for ‘My Budget Cost Code’ next to the Rep specified Cost Code; this added column is where you can select your own cost code to tie the dollar amounts to.

Note: This is only applicable to the Owner workspace.

Many of these changes were based on your direct feedback as our valued customer. So don't be shy, drop us a "hey" 👋 and let us know what you think!

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