eLearning courses, training videos, webinars and tips

6 articles

Getting started

Training videos, eLearning courses, requirements, setup, logging in, navigation, passwords, configuration, adding new providers, and how to contact us.

16 articles

CHR Releases

Discover new features, improvements, and fixes in our latest releases

72 articles

Patient charts

Health profile, Encounters, Letters, Allergies, Forms, Prescriptions and medications, Injections, Flowsheets, Navigating patient charts, Patient demographics, Patient dashboard, Patient privacy, Patient summary, Patient data, Patient files, Cases and Patient settings

205 articles


Navigating the schedule, Appointments, Group visits, Appointment notifications, Presenting issues. Scheduling Settings: Vacations, Appointment types, Locations, Tags, Rooms, and Configuring eBooking.

97 articles

Visits dashboard

Navigating and using the visits dashboard, Billing from the visits dashboard

9 articles


Billing dashboard, Stripe, Billing settings, Third party and private billing, Provincial billing (OHIP, Medicare, MSP, WSBC, MH, AHCIP)

173 articles

Inbox / outbox

Navigating your inbox, Messaging, Message templates, Managing incoming documents, faxes and Qnaires.

33 articles


Using, managing and building Qnaires. Question types, Qnaires and patient data, scoring and provider alerts in Qnaires.

49 articles

Virtual visits

Tips, troubleshooting, virtual visits 2.0 with pathways enabled and 1.0 without pathways enabled.

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Using pathways for virtual and physical visits; viewing, actions, adding patients, chat, tasks, tags, customizations and settings.

18 articles

Patient-facing interfaces

Point of care app, patient portal, UpPatient and the patient appointment booking site.

52 articles

Electronic lab reports

Electronic lab reports, OLIS, HRM, and Configuring lab integrations

36 articles


Settings, incoming, outgoing, eReferrals and waiting lists.

35 articles


Form, letter, cover page, encounter and message templates

28 articles

Facilities and contacts

Adding, modifying, searching, and deleting facilities and contacts

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Analytics dashboards; viewing, filtering, exploring and downloading. Chronic disease management, and standard dashboards.

39 articles

User settings

Your profile, preferences, settings and user specific security.

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Admin and configuration

Account-wide settings; managing users and their permissions, fax, printer and security settings, logos, data exports and role-based access control.

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CHR Instant chat

Starting a new conversation, adding / removing members, group conversations and muting notifications.

7 articles


Release notes, pairing a device, using and navigating CHR mobile. Patient charts, appointments, scheduling and messaging with CHR mobile app.

24 articles

CHR Enterprise API

The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) Enterprise Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to create your own integrations for tools you build or purchase from other vendors.

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Beta features

Software features currently in testing with a small segment of users.

57 articles


All user-centric pre go-live implementation topics, including data migrations.

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