Printing your visits daysheet

How to print your day sheet or patient list from Visits

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You can print a list of all the appointments for a provider from Schedules or from Visits. The lists are slightly different; print the one that best suits your needs. The daysheet printed from Visits is customizable and includes the total number of appointments for that day. For the steps to print from Schedules, see Printing an appointment daysheet.


1. From the main menu, click Visits.

2. If necessary, change the date at the top to the date you wish to print the daysheet for.

3. Apply any other filters. The information on screen is what will print for the daysheet. For more information, see Filtering the Visits dashboard.

4. Click the print icon. You can also fax the daysheet (see Faxing your Visits daysheet).

💡 Tip: Only the columns currently visible in Visits will print on the daysheet. Click the gear icon to customize which columns are displayed.

5. After printing, close the Visits window.

📌 Note: You can change the size of the daysheet using the layout and scale settings in the print window.

Updated December 29, 2021

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