As an author in Build, you can add images and slideshows to a unit to create engaging learning content. Using images and slideshows in your learning content is a great way to vary your content delivery to keep learners engaged.

Cropping and layout guidance

Any size or shape of image can be added, but there are a few ratios that work better for viewing on iQualify for learners these are detailed below;

  • For best inline viewing allow for a 16:9 ratio
  • A standard 4:3 ratio will also work in many cases but will display more space around it

The image will resize to fill the maximum width the screen view allows. Bear in mind this could be a small screen like a mobile, or a large High Definition(HD) screen.

  • Where an image doesn't fill the optimal viewable screen space entirely, we use an automated backdrop fill
  • A slideshow will automatically appear in the same space as a single image when multiple images uploaded together into the system


  • Supply high resolution (e.g. HD device viewing may allow up to 400dpi), the system will automate both resolution and size
  • Aim for a minimum height of 500px for good viewing

Accepted image formats for upload into iQualify

  • JPEG
  • PNG (no background transparency)
  • GIF

How to:

To add an image or slideshow, select a unit and click on 'Preview/edit'.  Click the + button and select the Image/Slideshow option.

In the settings, you can add image files. Adding multiple image files will automatically create a slideshow. The Options tab allows you to enable the 'show image titles' setting, which is disabled by default. Click 'Save' to add the image or slideshow into your unit.

Click 'Done editing' to save your changes.

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