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How to add a trailer video to your course
How to add a trailer video to your course

Course authors can add an introductory video to their course to give learners a quick overview of the content

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As an author, you can add a trailer video to your course. A course trailer video is an opportunity to give a quick overview of your course and get your learners excited about their study.

How does the trailer show to learners?

Learners see the option to play the trailer in their course banner.

Screenshot of Overview page of a course for a learner with a play button and "Watch intro" in the center of the banner for the course.

When learners select Watch intro, the video pops up for them to watch.

Screenshot of video pop up playing over the top of the course overview.

How do I add a trailer?

To add a trailer to your course, as an authors head to the main course editing page.

Select Trailer in the left menu and paste the Vimeo or YouTube link.

Screenshot of main course editing page highlighting "Trailer" in the left menu and the field to paste a video URL.

Lastly, select Update to save the trailer.

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