As an author in Create, you can utilise block styles in text to emphasise key points, reference or quote other pieces of work such as case studies and readings.

The block styles available for you to use are: Quotes, Pull outs, Case studies, Readings and Tips. Each of these styles are covered in depth below:

  • A quote can be used to create discussion points, reinforce viewpoints on a particular topic, or to invoke thoughts from the learner on the content. Quotes are displayed as text within two grey quotations marks.
  • A pull out is used when you want to place emphasis on a passage of text or to reinforce a point or concept. This is useful to give learners a key take away from the page. A pull out will appear as offset text.
  • Organisations will often include a case study as part of their learning content to illustrate a principle or to analyse a particular situation. Case studies are identifiable by the ID badge icon at the top left corner of the grey shaded text area.
  • Readings are a block style that directs the learner to an additional reading resource. Readings are identifiable by the book image in the top left corner of the grey shaded area.
  • Tips are used to help the learner to make the most of the learning content in the page, or to assist in the activity contained within the page. Tips are identifiable by the light bulb icon in the top left corner of the grey shaded area.

How to:

To add a block style to your learning content, enter editing mode and highlight the text you want to appear as in the block style. Click the Block styles button in the text editor tool bar and select the style from the drop down list.

The highlighted text will appear in an offset box with an icon to identify the block style type.

Alternatively, you can insert a block style prior to entering text. Place the cursor where you want the text to appear, and select the style from the drop down list. An offset box will appear. Type or paste text into the shaded area.

After you have finished adding a block style into your content, scroll to the top of the page and click the Done editing button.

Take a look at how we've used them in this page.



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