There are two different ways you can find a particular activation:

  1. Through the course card (selecting to the right of Activations).

  2. Under the All activations tab on your Create dashboard.

Course card method

  • On your Create dashboard use the search tool to find the course the activation is from.

  • Click on the Activations section of your course card to view activations associated with your course:

  • You can choose current, scheduled or past

  • Select manage to edit or add learners to a course activation.

All activations method

You can also view and find activations by selecting the All activations tab from your Create dashboard.

Use the filter to see current, scheduled, past or all activations. 

Use the search tool to narrow down your activations further. You can search using the course name, the activation or content ID and the identifier (if one has been used).

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