As a manage user, you can customise a particular class activation of a course under the Details tab when creating or updating a class activation.

In the rest of this article well describe each of the areas.


This is is what the course is called and shows on the course card on learners' and facilitators' dashboards.

Identify course

This helps facilitators and learners to quickly identify and differentiate between different activations of the same course. An example of this may be including the intake month for a course which is offered on a regular basis.

Study guide

You can choose to upload a pdf study guide to assist learners in making sure they're progressing through the course as they should be.

Short description

The short description appear on the course card for learners who have not started the course yet.

Course overview

You can choose to add or update the course overview. For example you may wish to add specific information that is specific to this class activation, such as mode of delivery or workshop details.

Course set

Use this to group courses into the same area on a learner's dashboard. Find out about creating better motivation through more focused courses with course sets.

Course categorisation

You can choose to assign your course a category, topic and level. These fields  are useful if you are using iQualify to publicly promote your courses as they allow users to search for particular courses by category.

Course tags

You can also assign custom tags to the course. These tags can help you to manage your courses when integrating iQualify with your existing systems. Find out more in Overview of how to add custom tags to courses.

Social features

You can choose to make an activation free from social features and discussion.

Turning this off means the following features are disabled:

  • talk channels - including announcements from facilitators

  • social notes

  • in-page discussions.

Find out more in Disabling social features in iQualify.

Private support channel

You can decide whether you want to have a private facilitator support channel where learners can privately message the facilitators of the course. Find out more in Private support talk channels.

Talk channels

If your organisation has pre-defined public talk channels you'll see them listed here. You can remove any channels you don't want to use for this particular class activation, or add new ones if required. Find out more in How to customise the Talk channels for individual class activations.

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