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Ideas for blended learning
Ideas for blended learning - 13 - Self-reflection
Ideas for blended learning - 13 - Self-reflection

Different ideas for setting up tasks which encourage learners to self-reflect on actions in class or work.

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Goal setting is valuable for all learners, but can be especially relevant when trying to tie work or professional development goals into an online course.


In our Theory and reflective template course we used the What? So what? Now what? model to support learners in their reflections.

Of course, this model is just one model, you might simply ask learners to reflect on what went well and what didn't.


Including self-reflection in your online course allows...

  • You to see what learners are hoping to achieve and align your content and support accordingly.

  • Stronger alignment between work, learning and professional development.

  • Learners to personalise their learning in some way. For instance, asking them to reflect on what parts of the course would help them reach their goals enables them to pick a learning journey that's just for them.

  • Learners to reattempt the task and update their goals if/when they change.


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