This article covers tasks. If you’re using legacy activities read about activating a legacy course here.

Sometimes after you've activated a course, you need to make a few changes.

Find the activation

Your first step is to find the particular activation you need to edit. There are two ways you can find it:

1. Through the course card, using under Activations.

2. Under All activations.

What can I update?

When trying to update a current activation, you can edit most (but not all) things.

You can edit:

  • Details - Class activation name and description, overview, categorisation, talk channels

  • Dates - Opening/closing dates and due dates for assessments

  • Access - Adding/removing learners, facilitators, coaches, and peer evaluators (or updating their names or email addresses.

  • Media - Cover image or trailer (this edit affects only the media for this particular activation, not the media in the underlying course).

Once you have made your changes select Update Course.
You may wish to notify learners if any significant changes are made.

You can't edit:

What courses and activations do the updates apply to?

Activations are separate classes, they might be based off the same content, but when you edit activation details you're only changing it for that activation.

Changes to courses can flow out to activations. But it does not happen the other way around. Changes you make to activations do not update the original course in Create. Read more about editing and republishing course content.

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